Friday, July 18, 2014

Great is God’s Faithfulness

Ecola Rock                                 Douglas Frank, Photographer
When bad things happen to good people. This is the title and thesis of Rabbi Harold Kushner’s bestselling book printed in 1983. His thesis was that God not only allowed the bad things, but also was not powerful enough to stop them. God was either impotent or not good. Why should we turn to a God that makes bad things happen?  In fact accidents, illness, tragic occurrences happen in the world every day and they will continue to. Down through the ages humankind has suffered at their own hand in consequence or from bad things happening to them. The earth is flawed and not the way God created it. God allows this to happen. Stuff happens.

But “Great is God’s Faithfulness.”  “For great is your love, your faithfulness reaches to the heavens.” (Psalm 56:10).  The Bible has dozens of scriptures and stories in Old and New Testament telling that through it all, God is faithful. Through trial and temptation, I have seen God work. He has not abandoned or forsaken me, although I have him. The forward of my book tells of God’s healing me from a dire illness through his Word. And I can also think of other dramatic circumstances.

In 1966, after graduating from High School, I headed north to Alaska with a friend. Many dramatic things happened, but perhaps most so was our surviving a plane crash in a failed attempt to fly up to Mt. McKinley for fishing and climbing base camp. Our desire had been to fly in to the base and explore. A violent and unexpected July blizzard caused us to abort mission and try to return in a white out by altimeter and compass. The strength of the wind and snow caused us to despair, dive and crash into a lake. The force of the impact tore the planes wings and knocked out the pilot. We were able to open the door and drag the unconscious pilot to shore only 100 feet away. Standing on the shore we realized that we were standing near the dock where we had started, safe. This was not brilliant flying, or coincidence. This was God’s faithfulness. God had intervened that we might live another day.

I have experienced many stories like this. Perhaps you have too and would like to share? I invite your joining me on the shore while we look into the sky and the slowly emerging immensity of Mt. McKinley or another place.

Psalm 31:23 “The Lord preserves the faithful.”


  1. this is a test to check God's Faithfulness

  2. I need to take a little more time to explore the blog, but I can tell you the pictures are captivating!

  3. Yes, The photos are spiritually mysterious

  4. Enjoyed your first blog. I picked up the nearest bible to look up Psalm 31:23 this morning. It was a bible I don't use often. Sort of like a new deck of cards. The bible opened to the exact page with this verse. I thought to myself let's see if this will happen again. I missed by one page. Did a third time. Hit it exactly again. Awesome!

    This has never happened to me before. God has always been faithful to me though. Whatever tough time I have encountered He has always been faithful. Sometimes when a bill needed to be paid a check would arrive the very day this bill needed to be paid. Twice the check was in the exact amount of the bill, to the penny, from a source that didn't know of my need.

  5. Stay tuned for a meditation of "Mountaintops"


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