Friday, January 16, 2015


Dreams, do you have them?  We all do, and we remember some. These are visions of thoughts that often can’t be expressed or intellectualized consciously. They require a subconscious picture, albeit, often a strange one.  Dreams may be scary or wonderful, but it seems not usually things in between.  Let me share a recent dream that can be coupled with a December blog regarding a head-on  auto accident my wife Pam and I suffered on an Island trip.

I have mentioned that for a couple of years, I served on the pastoral staff of a large church. A very difficult schism occurred causing all of the pastors except me to be forced out. It was a very dark and frightening experience that stretched out for more than a year. Because of the darkness and the resulting depression in my life, it was very difficult to function well in ministry. The thought and requirement to preach was particularly challenging. I labored for many hours over Scripture and Biblical commentaries to fashion words of encouragement and challenge. Fear was palpable until I started to speak from the pulpit.

I awoke with a start recently out of a deep and dream-filled sleep. The dream was very strong and clear to me, let me tell a bit.  I was leading this same church, or one like it. I was to preach and seemed to be the only Pastor around. I had prepared the sermon with great travail. As I moved to the sanctuary, it was gone, the sermon text was lost! I was terrified. I looked around everywhere. The congregation became restless. It seemed hours as I searched and the voices rose in rancor and rebellion it seemed. I was pushed toward the pulpit without a sermon. I was shaking. Just as I stepped up on the chancel, the Lord spoke to me saying, ‘Psalm 27 is your text, “The Lord is my light and my salvation- whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life- of whom shall I be afraid?”’  Yes, God was alive and speaking peace and strength to me. As I turned to greet the congregation, I awoke. He is faithful, and will respond and supply all our needs in His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Fear Not and dream on!

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