Thursday, April 2, 2015

Wash Each Others Feet

Easter Thoughts
The Apostle John tells the story of God washing our feet in John 13. I don’t know why this is only in John, but this is a powerful message of love and direction for each of us today.  He took off his garments and revealed his humanness and vulnerability. He shocked his disciples while He continued to serve with increasingly strong examples of what it means to be a disciple and servant of the Master, the Most High God.

How simple and yet so difficult a discipline or duty or commandment.  God in Jesus Christ was soon going to the Cross to die for our sin. He was in the Upper Room about to share the “Last Supper” with his disciples. He was about to lift the cup of his blood shed for us for the forgiveness of sins. This was the most unselfish and ultimate example and sacrifice ever given.

He took off his garments and took a towel, or the towel wrapped around his loin, his most intimate parts.  He began washing the disciples’ feet, the work of the lowest servant or slave in a house.  Yet, the washing of feet is a metaphor for hospitality and even love in serving one another. The dirt, the manure, the urine and blood and sins of the street running over the Saviors hands as he washed their feet.  They were shocked and embarrassed. Peter, in character, was astounded- “No not me!”  Then you will have none of me! Then my head and body. 

Do we get it?  Christ is saying “Wash each others feet.”  This means do whatever it takes to help, reach out, heal, care for, serve one another.

We here in a hospital serving to clean, treat, heal, repair bodies. But God wants us to treat, heal, repair and renew spirits. We are here to serve body, mind and spirit. We are here as servants of the Most High God who gave it all in serving us. AMEN

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