Sunday, July 9, 2017



I’m sure you have heard the common colloquial term “sweet” spoken about something good happening. It is off the cuff and getting old like most terms of art do. But God provides much greater and ongoing sweetness to us in the beauty of creation. He produces sights and smells that overwhelm. Take the Linden and Basswood tree blossoms of summer for example. In July each year the millions of fragrant flowers cast a melodious perfume across the Milwaukee River Valley where I live. I just finished my morning bike ride through the orchards on tree-lined roads greeting me with an almost overcoming sweet scent.

It is early on a Sunday morning before almost any sound except the birds sweetly singing in the branches of these same trees. Yet as the day opens into the bright sunlight, the blossoms will be buzzing with honeybees looking for nectar to produce the honey that sustains them and brings summer sweetness to us and bears too. What a miraculous symphony of symbiosis in nature. Yes, it is God who does it not nature, the euphemism used today to describe the miracles of our Creator working in His world.

I don’t understand why there are people who insist on killing all of creation. By that I mean the whirling dervish of lawn monks with their weed killing wands and insect repellant sprayers, clouding and smogging the atmosphere. For what purpose, except to imbalance the perfection of God’s creative genius and interrelationship between all creatures great and small? Is it power and control that they seek? For we know that none of us have that in life.  Is it to look for a sense of perfection in a yard that God had already made perfect? I hear the man say of his beautiful garden, “you should have seen it when God worked it alone.” Well, yes God did ask Adam to garden in paradise. But this partnership is not equal. He gave us work so that we might be productive and bring good things to the world, not to destroy what He had made good and perfect already.

Now, back to the Lindens. I have a neighbor who sawed down his Linden because it smelled too much. I have another friend who complains of its overpowering fragrance every year. I say to them, live in the city and drink in the exhaust and factory smoke, or perhaps that is overwhelming too. Let’s see, which is better, God’s perfect creation or man’s destruction of the atmosphere? I chose to live in the country for a reason. Don’t get me wrong, God has guided mankind has make many good things. Man has also disobeyed and ruined many good things also.

There is a balance of nature to be achieved. Start by appreciating the beauty God has made before it is too late. Give thanks and praise to the Only God and Creator of all things. Sweet!

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