Friday, September 22, 2017



There was a bright red sunrise this morning over Lake Michigan to where I had ridden my bike to watch the beauty of the changing skies. The photo below shows this incredible force of nature. There was also a red sunset last night. Did you ever hear the phrase “Red sky in morning, sailors take warning, red sky at night, sailors delight?” I don’t know if this is always true, but these skies I speak of were accompanied by very strong winds from the Northeast brought by Hurricane Joachim.

Last Sunday night I watched the “Red Moon” brought on by a full eclipse of the moon. This moon was known as a tetrad or forth such moon in two years. It is very rare and as theologians have related, it has almost always been accompanied by a major Jewish holiday and event in history. If fact, one well known pastor predicted that this tetrad might bring the second coming of Christ, although Jesus says only the Father knows the time of His return. I have heard people say that the Russian invasion of Syria may be the event as prophetic Scripture speaks of in Ezekiel 38. Magog a land from the far north will come and attack Israel. This has not happened, but Russia is gaining alliances with Syria, Iran, and Iraq, which Iran is beginning to control. Iran has openly stated that they want death to Israel. Russian leaders want it to return it to it’s previous world power status. The bad news is that this threatens our allies and yet the good news is that Jesus is returning soon or He is coming to take us in the “rapture” soon.

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