Friday, April 19, 2019

Water into Wine

Water in
to Wine

Recently I told of God bringing water from a rock. Now that’s a miracle. But how about wine from water? No cheap trick there, this was Jesus’s first miracle performed at a wedding that had run out of wine. Has your wedding run out of wine? Have your marriage, life, and career plan run out of juice? You know all plans made outside of God’s will run dry, fizzle out, wear down and run on empty. But God!

Mary told the servants to do whatever Jesus said. He just told them to fill the huge ceremonial jars with water, 180 gallons. Pump after pump, day after day, year after year, assignment after assignment or meal after meal with toil. It is our lot in life to work. It is also our lot to obey God when He speaks and says to fill the jars with water. 

He might have said to the servants like His brother James, “Consider it pure joy when you come into trials of all kinds because the testing of your faith develops perseverance which must finish its work for you can be mature and complete lacking nothing”  (James 1:2-4). It is to be counted pure joy when we carry water, plow the field, walk the halls of the hospital or roof that building. Is the travail a test; I think so. Can you be faithful in handling water? Jesus said to fill the jars, not to overflowing like the falls in the photo above. Don’t waste it. 

Then He turned the water into wine. Not just ordinary wine, but the best. He would have them serve the best at the end. “The best till last” (John 2),unlike anyone else has ever done. He transformed the water into the best wine. This wine would be made from trial, testing and torture to the very last drop. This wine would be made from squeezing the very blood of the King of Kings. This wine press would transform trampled grapes of the wrath of man to be resurrected through the wrath of God into the salvation of the world. How precious was this wine? It is not to be wasted, but treasured because it is sacred. Have you tasted the wine from the Wedding at Cana? Have you drunk from the font of blessing? Have you drunk the dregs or the sacrificial ends of the life of your Savior and Lord?

If you have taken the wine then celebrate and rejoice. Sing and dance for He has turned the empty jars or your vessels into glad communion in His sacrificial blood. If your marriage or life seems empty, it is because you have run out of wine. Your cisterns are empty. You need to be refilled and refreshed in the revitalizing flow from the most aged casks and vines. Walk and abide in the ways of the Ancient Vines (John 15:5). Harvest the ripe dark grapes that were crushed for you. Drink the new wine and rejoice for he or she who had only water now has the wine of God and life eternal through His blood red wine flowing and given for you. Do this in remembrance of Him. 

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