Monday, July 22, 2019

Big Sky Country

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Big Sky Country

This morning I read a commentary from Dr. Scott Stoner, a therapist and pastor friend of mine about the lunar landing 50 years ago. The point that I connected to was the photo of the blue and white earth from 240,000 miles out. It put in perspective the miniscule nature of our home in the universe of billions and billions of stars and galaxies. The often myopic and near-sighted view of people including me, particularly in the present uncivil political climate makes this conversation even more important. I love the fact that the American flag was planted on the moon and astronauts danced and then played golf.

It is to Big Sky Country that I need to go when claustrophobia begins to set into my Midwest flat view of life. Oh, I can go to the bluff over Lake Michigan and quote Scripture from Psalm 97 saying, “The Lord reigns, let the earth be glad, let the distant shores rejoice.” The endless horizon gives me a calming and humbling perspective. But for me, nothing is better than the Rocky Mountains rising up over the high plains of Montana where my children live. I am small and God is magnificent and grand.

When I get too close to a problem, which is often as a person, I think of the mountains. A mountain climber scales a peak one arduous step at a time while holding onto ropes pinioned with carabiners and pitons. They are very close to the life-threatening action. However, when descending and backing off a couple of miles the image and perspective changes allowing a broader and hopefully more clear view. This concept can be therapeutic for a person stuck in a problem with another or themselves. That doesn’t mean that they need to climb the mountain, however, for me that is the most effective strategy. So off to the mountains I go with a whistle in my step and the cobalt blue sky framing the snowcapped peaks before me. 

Take a hike! You are too close to the issue; back off! I can’t hear you when you are so close and speak so loudly! Well, it is Big Sky Country for me. See you later. 

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