Friday, March 26, 2021


My wife used to call me a “pig won’t” based on a children story about a positive and a negative thinking pig. I have written before about my former negative view of life. It does not matter that my family of origin was difficult. No, I have a choice how I feel or speak. In fact I believe that we get into habits, good or bad. See, these are opposites. It seems to me that a lot influences our thought-life, but it is still a choice for us. Missionary Amy Carmichael was a famous Christian writer and poet. She had a negative attitude about many things. But a wise man suggested when speaking a negative to just switch it around to the opposite thought, like hot and cold. When we practice this with our emotions, it may have an uplifting affect on others and us. So I think that this is a great idea, not a bad one. How about you?  Let’s try it anyway.

Unforgiving                            Forgiving
Harsh                                      Gentle
Upset                                      Content
Angry                                      Peaceful
Sad                                          Happy
Dark                                        Light
Impatient                               Patient
Sarcastic                                 Complementary
Loud                                       Quiet
Complaining                          Praising
Wanting                                 Receiving
Closed                                     Open
Calming                                  Agitating
Impossible                             Possible
Crying                                     Laughing

How are you doing? Have you recognized yourself in any of these couplets? Have you thought of a few more for consideration? Perhaps you would like to join the game and add a few under the below Comments.

I don’t think this is easy to change if it is a habit. So, we need to practice and pray about it. It might help to ask a trusted friend to monitor your progress and suggest potential openings to our roadblocks, bringing sunshine to our rain.

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