Thursday, January 7, 2021

Light in The Darkness

Douglas Frank Photograph

Light in the Darkness

Is the line sharp to you between the light and the darkness? Sometimes it is obvious, but often blurred. In our society today lines on moral issues are often very hard to see since we have lost our compass and a sense of truth. Today whatever feels good is appropriate. If it works for you, that’s OK by me I hear. This politically correct and inclusive culture no longer bases its opinions on truth but the whim of the “in thing.” Wisdom from Scripture or ancient prophets is now out of touch with the feelings of people today.

The photograph above clearly delineates dark from light. It is the opening in the clouds that lets the sunlight shine through onto the rocky floor below. This morning as I rode the River Road stars shined in part of the sky above as fog enshrouded clouds blocked other shining lights. Life is a lot like that. There are clouds of complaints and groups of grumblers gumming up our atmosphere. Some call it free speech. Some just want to out shout others. To me there are times when so-called free speech is just selfishness and pride working itself onto the football field or protest walk. I just don’t see clear moral basics and certainly not biblical principles at the foundation of most arguments and ranting today.

The Bible is the foundational document, God’s Word, bringing light in the darkness. Forty human writers empowered by the Holy Spirit of God wrote it over several thousand years. Its teachings through the 10 Commandments are at the basis of our legal system, not just the church. So why has this teaching become an afterthought for most of our society. It requires self-discipline and control to walk in its way. This part of the “Fruit of the Spirit,” comes last because it is required in all moral law and behavior.

I for one find biblical admonition as a clarifier for my walk of life like no other. Failure to teach it or include it in our schools and culture today is to our peril. Fear of trusting in it because of the chiding and even persecution from others is understandable but playing right into Satan’s hand, because “The One that is within me is greater than the one who is in the world” (1 John 4:4). Jesus is more than enough for the battle.  He will guide us to whatever is right if we trust Him.

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